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Dan Brennan is
The 2,336th Funniest Man in America
(Hey - that's not bad out of a population of 360,000,000)

danscomedy.com - Christian Comedy and Music

Oh No!  Not another church supper!  Why not liven it up this year?

Need a dynamic MC for your talent show or other event?

Men's or Women's group having a celebration/party?  So what are you waiting for?

Dan's got just what the doctor (heavenly, that is) ordered.  Laughter is a uniquely human emotion, and God is never happier than when his children are enjoying a good laugh.

So what do you need?

What I will do:

                   Dan Brennan Comedian

  • Christian vocal selections
  • Comedy
  • A brief message
  • Program can be customized for your event


Dan is a member of the
Christian Comedy Association

You've got nothing to lose but the blahs.  To book Dan for your next event or to request additional information, call him at 301-934-0334,
e-mail dan@danscomedy.com, or go directly to the booking form

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